Construction Workforce Management System

A Next Generation Power Tool for Managing Construction Labor in Real-Time

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What is Construction Workforce Management System?

Construction Workforce Management System’s WORKFORCE MONITOR provides a simple, hassle-free, highly reliable, low cost and efficient way for general contractors, owners, project managers, schedule consultants and sub-contractors to collect and access real-time manpower information at active commercial construction sites. It’s the next generation of power tools for the construction industry.


Mobile Capable

Using Construction Workforce Management System’s universally accessible web portal, Construction Workforce Management System’s subscribers have access to automated daily manpower, safety and labor trend information, in real-time, on a 24/7 basis throughout the life of a job. Using a proprietary passive RFID architecture and a uniquely numbered tag transponder on every hard hat, Construction Workforce Management System captures information about pedestrian traffic as it moves on and off the site and reports the activity cross the Construction Workforce Management System network as it occurs. As a result, Construction Workforce Management System provides its subscribers anytime access, on any internet accessible and web-enabled device (i.e. iPad or smartphone), to job specific resource and staffing information including actual man-hours.

When a job site is connected Construction Workforce Management System, the system handles all on-site installations, equipment maintenance, network monitoring, tag data processing and equipment removal so subscribers are free to concentrate on their core business, not the technology of the network. Best of all, because Construction Workforce Management System is a subscription-based service, there’s no capital expenditure and no additional IT staff required to be a Construction Workforce Management System connected job site.

Construction Workforce Management System reports are presented on-screen or by email (in both detail and summary formats) and can be displayed by site, contractor, sub-contractor, job function, resource, home zip code of each laborer and more. The real-time nature of the data, combined with the dynamic functionality of the Construction Workforce Management System Web Portal, forces everyone associated with the project to be proactive about manpower and scheduling along the way and avoid the reactive scramble that typically occurs at job end.

Our Projects

Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals
Washington University, Bryan Hall
South Beach Miami Convention Center
BJC Washington University Campus Renewal Project
Jackson Memorial Hospital
BJH Interim Bed Plan 3rd, 5th, & 9th Floor Renovation


  • Record who is on the project today
  • Record their time in and out
  • Measure subcontractor performance against the schedule
  • If there are supposed to be 15 pipefitters on the project
  • you will be able to monitor that information in real time
  • Create safety zones and know who is accounted for-in real time
  • Also useful for factories, offices and anywhere where personnel tracking is important
  • Measure minority participation

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