Deliver invitations to bid in minutes. Track responses in real-time.

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Custom, Managed Planroom for your Jobs


Address Book

Manage all of your sub contractors in a simple online address book accessible from anywhere.


Electronic Bidding

Send out your invitations to bid via email in just minutes to the recipients you choose. With Electronic Bidding contractors can submit their bids online.


CSI Codes

Assign and manage all the trades by CSI code, using the 16 divisions, 50 divisions, or custom codes.


Easy Access

Recipients can access your project with one click from the email, and directly enter their bid response.



You can import and export your contacts with ease, even with all the trades preserved.



Powerful reports show you what is happening in real-time. Every click, every response, instantly.


Easy To Learn

Select recipients by trade, group, or even by a mile radius search from the project zip code.



Send follow ups, addenda, or other communications to recipients that responded affirmatively.


  • Designed to reflect your company‚Äôs brand and image, with your logo and colors.
  • Setup with a domain name just for you. Easy for your customers to access, and can be linked from your website.
  • Jobs can be posted as public, or private with a password to control access.
  • Users can view documents easily, right from their web browser. No software to install.
  • Monthly calendar lists jobs that are bidding. Users can quickly see what is bidding soon.
  • You can view all your job plan holders in realtime. See who has plans, and their contact information.
  • We can email all your plan holders about job updates, and include direct links.
  • Your planroom is fully managed! Get the benefits of having your own planroom, with none of the headaches.

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